Safe online play for your kids

Multiplayer Minecraft servers with parental controls

Schedule Playtimes

Schedule  which days of the week, and which times of day your Minecraft server will is available to play on.

Pick Game Type and Difficulty

Set your server to creative or survival mode, set the difficulty level from easy to hard, and enable or disable player-vs-player.

Invite Friends

Control who can play on your server, and kick players off that are misbehaving.

Easy to use

You don't need to know how to play Minecraft to use Minecraft Playdates.

  • Create your server
    We support all game settings, making it easy to tune it for the younger and older kids.
  • Start Playing
    We'll show you how to get the players connected.
  • Invite Friends & Set limits
    Invite "Gamertags" to limit who can play together, schedule playtimes and durations.
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Host Virtual Minecraft Playdates

Our dashboard gives parents the tools to host virtual playdates for your child and their friends.

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Establish Boundaries

We enable parents like you to establish smart and safe boundaries for your children.
Options include limiting play to friends by invitation only, scheduled gameplay, setting the game type, difficulty, and game duration.

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Supports All Devices

Supports all devices that can play Minecraft — from laptops to desktops, phones, tablets, and consoles.

Minecraft has two editions, known as Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. When you run a server, you have to pick an edition, and this determines which types of devices can play together. See the table on the right for details. Clicking on your device takes you to the store to install the appropriate Minecraft app for your device (note: we receive no compensation from these links)

Visit the official compatibility matrix on the Minecraft Website for more information

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Upload Your Worlds

Do you or your kids have any worlds you created already that you want to play in? No problem, simply upload them, and click one button to install it into your server.

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Download Your Worlds

Do you want to take the world you've been playing on offline, for individual play or construction? Simply hit the world download button on the dashboard, and you're good to go. Installing the download so you can play it locally in single player mode is device specific, this wiki entry is a good starting point if you need help with that.

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Get your kids online safely and playing with their friends immediately