It all started when our son discovered Minecraft

Then Coronavirus struck, and suddenly opportunities for social interaction plummeted. Video chats with his friends just didn't hold his attention, but he loved playing Minecraft.

One day we found him playing multiplayer Minecraft on some random server on the Internet. While we believe that playing the game for a moderate amount of time each week is acceptable, especially cooperative play and adventuring with friends for the social interaction, playing with random strangers was not. Thus the idea for Minecraft Playdates was born.

The key idea that led us to launch Minecraft Playdates is that as parents, we should be in control of who our kids are playing with, when they can play, and how long they can play for. We shouldn't have to navigate the raft of various Minecraft hosting services, designed for mature, expert, players, not parents that just want to get their kids playing with friends safely and easily.

We hope you enjoy the platform, and it offers you exactly what you need to host your own Minecraft Playdates. Let us know by leaving us feedback.

—Tad & Danielle & Alex

Get your kids online safely and playing with their friends immediately


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